Newborns Should Not be Forced on Their Mothers’ Chests Every 2 Hours After Birth

Newborns Should Not be Forced on Their Mothers’ Chests Every 2 Hours After Birth

I have written about this in a few articles but I thought it needed its own article due to how pervasive it is and how much damage it causes. If you know a pregnant woman, please consider sending this to hour as food for thought.

“Like a pendulum, the course of most sciences and philosophies swing between usually two competing ideas. However, also like a pendulum, with each swing to one side or the other, it does not go as far as it did the last time. The two ideas swing, back and forth, getting ever closer and closer to the perfect truth in the still center.

With delivering a baby and the days/weeks that follow, the two competing ideas loosely described are one that is mother-centered and one that is baby-centered. The pendulum right now is on the side of being baby-centered, particularly when it comes to breastfeeding. In my opinion, it needs to swing again, perhaps one last time, towards the perfect truth in the still center.”

The Art of Testing

This is what I do for a living and I think I’ve gotten quite good at it. This is my philosophy on testing that, I think, drives my success.

The Art of Testing

“You will always hear me defending the need for testing. Any product or service can be tested. Testing brings objectivity to assessing the quality of a product. I consider testing to bring “eyes” to a product. I imagine it like an inspector in a manufacturing shop looking at a piece through a magnifying glass. He knows every important measurement about that piece and if it passes or fails. There is often an attitude that testing is beneath people; that some products or skills are just so sophisticated they are not subject to objective metrics. This attitude is adopted, for instance, when assessing students with standardized tests. This is nothing more than arrogance and unwarranted ego. I face this very attitude over even technical products. “We don’t need a test for that it will surely work.” This is the bane of my existence and I laugh at it! Every single time someone has said this, there has been a problem with the product. Every single time. I’ve never made a test that didn’t end up being valuable. I think people are opposed to testing as they don’t want “eyes” on them for what those eyes will find. If you want a quality product, you must have testing. Period.”

On Demand Side Economics free on Amazon Kindle until this Saturday

As a birthday gift from me to you all, I am offering On Demand Side Economics for free on Amazon Kindle until this Saturday! Please share with your friends. From a review:

“Pawlik manages to successfully destroy Keynesian economic theory in a manner even a high school student should be able to understand. Good reading for anyone who is following the debt crisis in America […] This essay is an excellent start point for anyone wishing to begin their economics education – no matter their political leaning. ”

On ‘Demand Side’ Economics: Why Spending Cannot Improve an Economy but Freedom Can

All Things Baby: Preparing for your First Child

I am expecting my first child in May! Here is a report on all of the research I’ve done in preparation for my little one arriving.

All Things Baby: Preparing for your First Child

When I became pregnant and had to make some decisions about what to buy for my new baby, I was completely overwhelmed. I had no idea there was so much contradictory and controversial advice on how to raise an infant. Bumper pads: risk for SIDS or necessary to prevent bumps and bruises? Swings: A Godsend for busy parents or a cheap babysitter? Diaper pails: Keep the nursery smell-free or glorified trash cans? There are also bigger questions, such as: stimulate the child or let him grow more naturally?

This article is an attempt to answer the big questions a parent will face. It will cover a broad range of topics from the controversy over specific products to overall parenting philosophy.

The Roots of Gender: Defining Femininity and Masculinity

For Valentine’s Day … my view on the nature of masculinity and femininity. <3 "Femininity is defined as the woman who embraces, loves, and relishes in the fact that she is a woman." The Roots of Gender: Defining Femininity and Masculinity

Just as the conclusions in Objectivist philosophy were based on man’s nature, so the conclusions in sexuality should be based on the nature of man and the nature of woman.

I am my own think tank