Objectivist Sexuality

My book, Objectivist Sexuality: An Outline for Happily Ever After, is now available for purchase!

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Selected quotes:

“Objectivist epistemology, ethics, politics, and aesthetics rest upon the premise that ‘man is man.’ Objectivist sexuality rests on the premise that men are men and women are women.” — “The Foundation of Objectivist Sexuality”

“Femininity is defined as the woman who embraces, loves, and relishes in the fact that she is a woman.” — “The Roots of Gender: Defining Femininity and Masculinity”

“Masculinity, i.e., a strong, heroic, efficacious man, is the primary source of erotica for a heterosexual woman. Without it, a heterosexual woman is lost.
Young women are constantly being ripped from such erotica. They are being taught that masculinity is not to be looked at in admiration, but in fear.” — “The Anti-Romeos: Feminism’s Assault on Masculinity”

“To receive the statement ‘I love you’ from a person is not free. Quite contrary, it demands the highest price: the price of being a
morally achieved individual.” — “Rational Love”

“Although most people take the beauty of dating for granted, dating should be taken as a staple of a healthy, pro-individualistic society.” — Dating: The Meeting of Minds

“People often say communication is the key to a good relationship¬óbut what is the key to communication?” — “Creating Happily Ever After: Principles for a Rational Relationship”

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