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The Roots of Gender: Defining Femininity and Masculinity

For Valentine’s Day … my view on the nature of masculinity and femininity. <3 "Femininity is defined as the woman who embraces, loves, and relishes in the fact that she is a woman." The Roots of Gender: Defining Femininity and Masculinity

Just as the conclusions in Objectivist philosophy were based on man’s nature, so the conclusions in sexuality should be based on the nature of man and the nature of woman.

Rational Love

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, I am offering Rational Love, an article in Objectivist Sexuality: An Outline for Happily Ever After for free. It will be available until February 15, 2011. This article gives a defense of love being based in rationality not blindness. It discusses the epistemological and moral roots of love.

 To receive the statement “I love you” from a person is not free. Quite contrary, it demands the highest price: the price of being a morally achieved individual. This piece is meant to present the Objectivist version of love, which is rational love.

Rational love is a love based on fact with man’s mind serving as the appraiser. The object of affection is brazenly open and clear in front of one’s eyes. Love is not blind, but rather one is highly conscious of who and what their lover is.

Gay marriage

Today, a CA judge overturned the marriage proposition in CA effectively banning gay marriage. Since I write on sexuality, I feel the need to give my opinion on the topic.

This entire problem is due to the fact that the government thinks it has any business in marriage.

Marriage started off in private institutions in private ceremonies. For, I don’t know how long but probably a long time, people got married in churches. They never asked for any kind of government affirmation or license.

The government would have never dreamed up of such a legal contract unless it was happening privately. At some point, the government decided it had the authority to decide who should get married and when.

You can see how well it has turned out for heterosexuals. The always-given-statistic is that 50% of marriages end in divorce. I have no idea when whoever came up with that statistic did so and if it has been updated in the last 30 years. Regardless, government-sanctioned marriages aren’t doing so hot for heterosexuals. Perhaps a bunch of legalities are not so great at deciding who should get married and private, respected individual, such as a pastors or Rabbis, were better judges of it and gave better advice.

I would give the same advice to homosexuals. You don’t need the government to enter a private contract, which is what marriage is.

But, essentially, that is what it is for homosexual activists: it is for acceptance in mainstream society, not any kind of practical benefit.

I have sympathy if the issue is purely practical, such as getting health benefits. Civil unions accomplish this practical necessity. But I don’t think this issue is being pressed for practical reasons.

So, I would encourage homosexuals to set up their own institutions that cultivate lifelong, monogamous relationships.  Do it privately. Call it whatever you want. You don’t need a marriage license, which really is just a piece of paper, to declare your love.

These type of things should happen organically, not myopically. If it really was about love, we would have seen already established private institutions cultivating such lifelong, same-sex commitments. Instead, it is being thrust us on politically, suggesting agenda, not love, is behind it.

Does the pill make women less interested in masculine men?

Contraceptive pill makes women less interested in masculine men and more interested in ‘boyish’ characteristics

Scientists have long known that a woman’s taste in men changes over her menstrual cycle.

During the few days each month when women are fertile – around the time of ovulation – they tend to prefer masculine features and men who are more assertive.

On these fertile days, women are also more attracted to men who are ‘genetically dissimilar’, Dr Alvergne said. Picking a partner whose genetic make-up is unlike their own increases the chances of having a healthy child.

On days when women are not fertile, their tastes swing towards more feminine, boyish faces and more caring personalities, researchers have shown.

However, if women are taking the Pill they no longer have fertile days.

That means they no longer experience the hormonal changes that make them more attracted to masculine men and those with dissimilar genetic make-up.