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A short, straightforward open letter to the Egyptian people on this 4th of July.

A short, straightforward open letter to the Egyptian people on this 4th of July.

Congratulations, Egyptians, on ousting a Dictatorial Leader. Now Set up a Free Government. A Republic, not a Democracy

“If a country is to have freedom, they have to want it. Why? Because freedom isn’t free. Most free countries started after a revolution, kicking tyrants out, and then afterwards put into place a strong, stable government, grounded in a deep knowledge of what rights are, that preserved freedom. This is a tall order, especially for a place like Egypt. If there is to be freedom of speech, any time someone speaks out against Islam—say by drawing a cartoon of Mohammed—the government needs to protect this person’s rights. It requires strong men, with guns, who are on the good and moral side to fight any bad men. If no such men exist, freedom will not prevail.”

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Analyzing the Motives of the Oslo Terrorist

My analysis of the Olso terrorist. I also make the point that he is not just anti-Islam but anti-Muslim. There is a difference.

Analyzing the Motives of the Oslo Terrorist

To associate Breivik’s actions with Tea Party values, conservatism, or pro-American or pro-Western values is completely dishonest. If anything, his views are reminiscent of past European dictators. Like Hitler, he favors nationalism. Like Mussolini, who advanced fascism, he favors a totalitarian state.



Our brave soldiers deserve a big THANK YOU for the heroic and dangerous work they do and their success in finding, killing, and capturing Osam bin Laden!!!

This is a major victory for the U.S. Not only is it a huge morale boost for our nation and a devastating one for our enemies, the likely extensive, ongoing, and expensive efforts to find bin Laden can now cease. It also may put an end in sight to this war. I support the war and do not want to end it early, but a successful outcome which ends most efforts would be welcome. Most importantly, killing Osama bin Laden is a victory as it brings justice to his 3,000+ victims.

I agree however that this is not an end to it all. And I disagree with the President: Islam very much is the problem and inspires people to terrorism. It was tasteless that he used his speech to defend Islam. Islam is a fighting ideology with an uncanny hatred of infidels. So as long as this religion is given respect, it will inspire the next Islamic terrorist. Mohammed himself was a terrorist. Please read and spread my article “Islam on Trial: The Prosecution’s Case” where in 17 pages I dissect the Koran and show how it is nothing but one long battle cry against infidels. PLEASE do not tell me Islam is peace or Christianity is “just as bad” without reading the article! The PDF is FREE!

Moderate Muslims may not be the enemy but they are not our hope either

These are two articles which are meant to be read together. Combined, they argue that while moderate Muslims should not be looked at as the enemy, they are not our hope for peace either. To attain peace, Islam must be met by an equally strong or stronger, better, rational philosophy. Please share!
Part one:
The Problem is Islam not Muslims
Part two:
Islam Must be Met by a Stronger, Rational Philosophy