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Why Testing is an Effective Method to Gauge Student Understanding and Course Effectiveness

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Why Testing is an Effective Method to Gauge Student Understanding and Course Effectiveness

So, our doctors, lawyers, engineers, and soldiers all must pass tests before entering their professions. But apparently the knowledge that our K-12 students are learning is so complex, abstract, and creative, that it can never be captured in a test in order to gauge their learning.

If knowledge and creativity are antagonistic, it means that the biggest ignoramus is our best hope for creative genius.

More Americans Think Economy Will Never Recover

More Americans Think Economy Will Never Recover

“It’s a vicious cycle,” Crawford said. “Americans need to see a significant decrease in unemployment to feel confident in the economic recovery, but companies are waiting to see increased demand for their products and services before they begin hiring and making job-creating capital expenditures.”

It’s not a vicious cycle. Americans have no savings and businesses have no capital. America is simply broke.

In fact, an increasing number, some 61 percent, say they don’t expect to return to their respective pre-recession lifestyles until the spring of 2014, if ever.

What’s worse, a full 10 percent said they expect they will never return to pre-recession spending.

That’s a more pessimistic view than last year, when those surveyed expected that they could be back to pre-recession spending levels by the middle of 2013.

Apparently I am less pessimistic than most. I had thought a recovery MIGHT happen in early 2013.

Hey REPUBLICANS are you LISTENING? This is your ticket to the White House. Get smart on economics and start talking plainly to the American people.

My first blog post


Check out my new blog! Tell me what you think. My first order of business is developing a “tag line” for myself. I was going to write, “musings of a conservative girl” but “conservative” does not describe me accurately. The word “conservative” can either describe a person who supports free markets or it can describe the Ayatollahs in Iran. Although “liberal” used to mean supporter of free markets, free thought, free speech, etc., we all know it’s been sabotaged by the left to mean “socialist.” And I can add the word “classic” to “liberal” as in “classic liberal” but it always seemed too weak to me. “Liberal” means “tolerant” which I am, up to a point, but not when it comes to criminals or terrorists. And I am not a libertarian for similar reasons–I am not an isolationist.

So how about, “musings from a girl who strongly supports free markets, a strong foreign policy, borders that are secured in a smart and fair way, the right to bear arms, strong currency, and straddles a fine conservative/libertarian line on many social issues.”

Catchy right? :p