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All Things Baby: Preparing for your First Child

I am expecting my first child in May! Here is a report on all of the research I’ve done in preparation for my little one arriving.

All Things Baby: Preparing for your First Child

When I became pregnant and had to make some decisions about what to buy for my new baby, I was completely overwhelmed. I had no idea there was so much contradictory and controversial advice on how to raise an infant. Bumper pads: risk for SIDS or necessary to prevent bumps and bruises? Swings: A Godsend for busy parents or a cheap babysitter? Diaper pails: Keep the nursery smell-free or glorified trash cans? There are also bigger questions, such as: stimulate the child or let him grow more naturally?

This article is an attempt to answer the big questions a parent will face. It will cover a broad range of topics from the controversy over specific products to overall parenting philosophy.

The Bridge Over the Main: How a Small Polish Boy Survived World War II in Germany

We are selling a book written by my husband’s grandfather, who was taken into slave labor in Nazi Germany. It is entitled The Bridge Over the Main: How a Small Polish Boy Survived World War II in Germany. You can buy it through Paypal here. All of the sale price will go towards Grandpa Stan’s care.

There are only 7 available copies in our possession right now. If they are sold out, please email to let us know you would like one and we may be able to get more.

Stan was just 15 when the Nazis marched into his town in Poland and destroyed the tranquil life he knew. The Nazis ripped him from his familys arms and took him to Bavaria, where he was to do back-breaking labor for a series of cruel masters. The courageous boy remained unbowed before them, despite beatings and other injustices. Still, even in Nazi Germany, young Stan was able to find friends and even a taste of young love. In Bridge Over the Main, Stan tells the true story of how he became a man while he worked as a slave.

About the Author
Stan Domoradzki’s Biography

Born November 11, 1927 in Konozyce, Poland, Stan Domoradzki was just 15 years old when the Nazis ripped him away from his family in February 1943, and the events described in Bridge Over the Main began.

He was taken to Bavaria and forced to do manual labor for nothing more than meager meals and a roof over his head. His enslavement deprived the boy of formal education, but he learned much about survival and cruelty. Although he was small of stature, he had a spirit big enough to keep him from despairing over his fate. He kept hope alive that he would return to his parents and their home when the war was over. He even sought revenge on the Nazis who wronged him.

After the war, he worked for the armed forces of the United States and served in the Polish guards, who kept watch over Nazis being tried for war crimes. By the late 1940s, Domoradzki, still in Germany, figured he could make a new life in the United States, and so applied to immigrate.

He worked a variety of menial jobs on farms on the east coast before moving to the Chicago area, where he eventually married Olympia Dominiak, and together they raised four children. In 1957, Domoradzki went to work for the railroad, retiring 33 1/2 years later when his wife was dying of cancer. After his wife died in 1990, he left the Chicago area for Minnesota, where he has lived ever since.

He has never forgotten the wrongs done him by the Nazis and their followers, nor has he forgotten the kindness that some Germans showed him during his captivity. He urges us all to learn from the Nazis brutality and offers his story in hopes that people will never let such inhumanity go unchallenged again.

A Moral Case for Geolibertarianism

My new e-book is now available on Amazon Kindle! “A Moral Case for Geolibertarianism.”

From Wikipedia: “Geolibertarians are advocates of geoism, which is the position that all natural resources* – most importantly land – are common assets to which all individuals have an equal right to access; therefore if individuals claim land as their private property they must pay rent to the community for doing so.”

*I only apply the Geolibertarian principles to land, not any other resource, and explain why in the book.

A Moral Case for Geolibertarianism

“The assumption that the moral case for capitalism rests upon is that man must produce to live. If this assumption changed, logically, the conclusions based upon this assumption must change.”

Pledge for government spending

Next time you hear someone advocating military spending or an unnecessary war, ask them to sign my pledge.

Government expenditure, non-military
My name is ________________________________ and I support the following government program ________________________________. I have done my research and calculated this program costs _____________________ per year. There are approximately 230 million adults in the United States. This makes the average cost for this program _______________. I pledge to donate exactly this much to the IRS. I will recalculate the cost next year and donate that much again.
Signature: _________________________________ Date: ___________________

The Virtue of Self-Defense

Shortly after September 11, I wrote this article, “The Virtue of Self-Defense.” Ten years later, I have greatly revised it.

“If the guiding moral compass has these two goals, in order of importance, 1) remove the enemy and 2) have as little loss to your side as possible … the wanton use of nuclear bombs starts to seem ideal. This is a horrifying position that should be shunned.

The Virtue of Self-Defense

Political freedom is not an absolute but a contextual conclusion that flows from the virtue of self-defense. This conclusion changes in wartime.

The Witch Hunt against Joe Paterno

The witch hunt against Joe Paterno has less to do with justice for victims and more to do with the tearing down of a hero

The Witch Hunt against Joe Paterno

“When the headline in the news was nothing except ‘Jerry Sandusky accused of molesting several children,’ there was hardly a peep out of most people. But as soon as some small connection could be drawn to the popular and well known Joe Paterno: Outcry! Injustice! Put his head on the stick! The vile crime!”