Understanding Your Child’s (and Your) Emotions

The Cognitive Development of an Infant

All Things Baby: Preparing for your First Child

The Montessori Method: Intellectual Gymnastics

Recommended Books for New or Expecting Parents

What Would You Like? A powerful question in getting a toddler to cooperate

On Safety For Children

Newborns Should Not be Forced on Their Mothers’ Chests Every 2 Hours After Birth

Newborns Should be Spoiled not ‘Trained’

Helicopter versus ‘Junkyard’ Parents


The Number One Advantage of Public Schools

Why Testing is an Effective Method to Gauge Student Understanding and Course Effectiveness

Sex, Dating, Relationships

The Foundation of Objectivist Sexuality

Why I Disagree with Gabrielle Reece that Wives should Submit

Ding Dong: Feminism is Dead!

When Women Were Women

Money, Taxes, Economics

Why I am Not Saving for Retirement Now

How The Government Robs You of 93 Percent of Your Potential Retirement Savings

In Moral Defense of Geolibertarianism

Why I Use After Tax Money for My Retirement Account

Borrowing, Printing, and War: How to Magically Create Money and Spend Forever

Statement on America’s Debt Crisis

Why Every President Should be Interested in a Strong Dollar

Adam Smith Wealth of Nations Book Report


Totalitarianism in Plain Sight

Daniel Defoe’s Response to Obama: Robinson Crusoe

Obama Bares His Socialist Teeth

End Employer Based Health care

The One’s Speech: A Display of Malignant Narcissism

Foreign Policy

A short, straightforward open letter to the Egyptian people on this 4th of July.

Why an Intelligent, Stealthy, Focused Military Strategy is Better Than a Shatter and Destroy One

Why Liberating Iraq has Failed

The Virtue of Self-Defense

Analyzing the Motives of the Oslo Terrorist

Free Will Applies to a Person, not a Country


Warren Jeffs: A lighter version of Mohammed

The Tea Party is Violence, but Islam is Peace

Part One: The Problem is Islam not Muslims

Part Two: Islam Must be Met by a Stronger, Rational Philosophy

Tillikum and the Naivety of the Public Regarding Predatory Animals

Islam at Root of Fort Hood Massacre

September 11th Should not be Hijacked as a “Day of Service”


Good Process Improvement Does not Rely on Human ‘Improvement’

A List of Companies Started by Engineers

The Art of Testing

Just Shrug: How Shrugging Can Bring Peace of Mind, Increase Your Team’s Effectiveness, and Get You What You Want


The Wolfdog

The Witch Hunt against Joe Paterno

Dear College Grads:

What Could Be

Atlas Shrugged the Movie Review: I am John Galt

The War on Rest and Fun

The 3rd Degree Women who Miscarry Get




Observe. Orient. Act. How to deal with the Unexpected in Life




The Princess and the Frog: An Inspiration for New Year’s Resolutions

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