The Peoples’ Revolt in Iran

The Peoples’ Revolt in Iran

The perseverance of the so-called Green Movement is something to behold. Millions of Iranians mobilized against the outcome of June’s fraudulent presidential election, and their protests were violently repressed. But the cause has only grown in scope, with the aim of many becoming nothing less than the death of a hated system.

I am *so* happy that the pro-freedom revolution in Iran is being picked up by mainstream media! Everyone in America needs to be interested in and understand this story. The Iranian people and Americans have a common enemy: the Islamic regime of Iran. There is a revolution happening in Iran of young students who have witnessed the heavy hand of the IRI and want fundamental regime change. Just like under communism, the people most opposed to communism are those under its heavy hand, the people in Iran are the most opposed to the heavy hand of the Islamic regime of Iran. The ***people*** of Iran are not our enemy and are in every way a friend. They do not in anyway implicitly condone their government. They have been vocal and active in opposing it. They DON’T share its ideology. Their noses are not in the Koran–they read the likes of Thomas Paine. This enlightened revolution, from the people up, is exactly what is needed in the Middle East, which will have major, positive effects on the national security of the United States and other countries, such as Israel.

Imagine, instead of having the most anti-enlightened theocracy/dictatorship in the Middle East, we had a government based on enlightenment, freedom, and a separation of religion and state. It IS possible. This revolution is at and in fact over critical mass.


One beef: GW Bush did not do much to show support for the people. However, he was better than Obama as at least he didn’t give legitimacy to the thugs who currently run Iran.

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